Sunday, July 28, 2013


We killed our first centipede Thursday. It was in our apartment.

We had an awesome missionary experience last week. The subject for another post.

Satan can enter the temple. Know how he can? In your heart.

My cocoa Samoa keeps improving. It’s really good. Better than a week ago.

I bought a pair of black sandals about 2 months ago. They cost $85 Tala. Leon thought I said FIVE tala. He was so happy for me. Until he got to the cash register. I was so happy that he was happy that I thought for a moment it really was a good deal. Luckily I like them and wear them a lot. It’s our joke now.

Giving Leon a good haircut can turn a dark day into a bright one.

There is at least one store in town that understands good customer service. We’ve yet to find another.

My last grocery list included green bell peppers, also red and yellow ones. I saw them at Lucky’s.  I asked the produce girl behind the glass display case how much. $29 tala/pound.  I roasted veggies for dinner but there were no peppers in the mix.

We learned a trick from the Fife’s. When we juice lemons, we pour the lemon juice into our ice cube tray and freeze it. Then we keep a container of lemon ice cubes in the freezer, pop some in a glass, add sugar and water and we have lemonade quick as a wink.

It’s Sunday. As always we have been lifted and filled and renewed. Lessons learned in “days of peace” prepare us for strength in “days of trouble”, if we are willing. Lesson #27.

Leon requested a home teaching route. Today was our first home visits. We visited three families. Oh, how good it felt to visit in the homes of members.

Working in the laundry at the temple last week, I found it impossible to untie a tiny, tight knot in a drawstring bag holding some laundry. I left the task to take some items to the clothing closet where white clothing is stored. When I returned to the task, the knot was loosened enough to allow me to work it out.  A tender mercy.

It was announced in church today that “two sisters from America” will be the speakers at the YSA fireside Wednesday night. We learned after church from Sister Goodlet that one of the sisters is Sherry Dew.

Yesterday, learning from past experience, I accepted a new assignment at the temple that I have dreaded because of my lack of Samoan language. As it turned out, the need never arose for me to fulfill it. The key is that I accepted in spite of my terror. There is hope.

Way last March, Jesse posted on his Facebook page a snapshot he took of three fortune cookie fortunes with the caption, “Some great mission advice for my parents in fortune cookie form.” The three little strips of paper contained the following wisdom:  What you will discover will be yourself; The harder you work, the luckier you get; Today, taking a supportive role might benefit the group dynamic.  Amazingly accurate.

The picture below is typical of the fresh flower arrangements we enjoy at church each week, made by our Relief Society sisters. This is the blossom of the ginger plant. Oops.  Sorry it’s so blurry.

Yep. It's a centipede.

Driving from the west end of Upolu toward Apia at sunset.

 Leslie and her Daddy.
 Our day in the temple with Merrell's

And you wonder where old raod work signs go to die.

The day we left for Samoa, our neighbor let me video her cutting Leon's hair. I watch it before cutting. If it's a good cut, Marsha gets the credit.  If not, I don't take pictures. 


  1. Thanks for emptying your pockets! I love this post! Dad's haircut looks good, so pat yourself on the back!

  2. You're so sweet to take time to read this! Loved our phone visit. Have a wonderful time!

  3. This was a great post! Love you both so much. Congrats on the nice new sandals, must have been cheap.

    1. Thanks, Jess. Actually they are already falling apart. But I stll wear them. ; )