Friday, September 6, 2013

A Walk to Remember

We've enjoyed early morning walks together for years. I can picture in my mind the neighborhood landmarks, the kids walking to the corner to catch the school bus, the backyard fences on 4800 West where we brace ourselves for the robust barking through the slats of a particular yard, the sounds of traffic and the occasional siren, the otherwise peaceful feeling of a new day beginning. But the walk along the sea wall of Apia harbor is a walk I will never forget.

Going west from the bus station is a walking path atop the sea wall. This was our first time, and really just a sampling. It extends far beyond the length we walked, and someday I hope we will walk it end-to-end. Come, walk with us.

Looking back towards Apia, the one city on the island, you can see the bus station and beyond that, but not really visible from here is the fresh fish market.

What's that in the water? What the .... Is it a man's shoulder and arm? Maybe it's an elephant's trunk.

Wait .... where are we? That looks like a hippo!

Back to reality.  Good morning, world!

On the land side of the sea wall is a lovely park way with foot path.

Moving along, now we have a clear view of the road.  This theme is repeated 
on signs here and there along the roads and byways. I'll take this over graffiti any day.

                                      And the rest of the banner:

Left is a reminder of a bloody time in Samoan history; a time of civil war and foreign interference. Thankfully, America supported the rights of the people to govern themselves, while Germany and England manipulated and fanned the fires, flexing their political and military power to serve their own ends. It would take far more space than a simple marker to list the fallen Samoan warriors.

The building on the left below is the location of last Sunday's Christian churches choir concert.
It also marks the end of our first walk along the sea wall.  

It won't be our last. People travel farther to the local gym at home. 
This is truly a walk to remember.

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